An introductory conversation will give me insight into your individual style and preferences; what you see in your potential "best self". From there I can begin to determine styles that flatter your silhouette, colors that suit your eyes, hair, skin, personality.  


Style Sessions 

  • Wardrobe Building

  • Special Event Outfit

  • Vacation Capsule Creation

Experience a private style session that's fun, stress-free & time efficient at your home or office, my home or a mutually convenient mall. ‘YOUR Style Session’ will feature merchandise either from the latest Cabi collection or sourced from many stores if you choose to meet at the mall.


This time is customizable to include many other aspects of creating your best self now, beyond your wardrobe. For example, together we can explore options for optimizing your hair, makeup, and eyewear to be in synch with your wardrobe.


Single Outfit Style Session (1.5 hrs) $30

Meet at your favorite store to find the perfect head-to-toe outfit for that special event.  


VIP Style Session (4 hrs) $75

Meet at your favorite store and I will carefully curate flattering options and show you how to mix-and-match pieces to created outfits and maximize your budget.


CABI Personal Style Session and Wardrobe Building (4 hrs)*

Shop the Current Cabi Collection

at your home, office. With me, your personal stylist, we will find pieces that will look amazing on you, enhance your body type, personal style, lifestyle and can be worn with your current wardrobe!


*ONLINE SHOPPING WAS NEVER LIKE THIS!! NO charge for styling advice! Your new Cabi items will be purchased via my website and send directly to you.  

Closet Cleanse (4.5 hrs) $200 

Getting dressed in the morning has never been so simple. 

  • I will go through every item in your closet; scrutinize for quality, form, fit, condition, and wearability.

  • I will ‘shop’ your closet to create outfits in new and stylish ways.

  • I'll show you how to assemble wardrobe capsules, which create up to 12 outfit combos from 2 bottoms, 3 tops, and one outer piece.

  • AND you'll receive information to use for future purchases; fit and brand suggestions in pants, tops, and jackets.

Office & Home Organization (4.5 hrs) $200

Declutter is our operative word and ultimate goal! Recommended solutions may be as simple as eliminating personal collections (aka dust collectors) like books and figurines. Other times, the answer may include painting walls with a fresh neutral color. Often it takes a fresh 'eye' to point out what can be done to give you a renewed look and new space in your office or home. If you are planning to sell your home it is critical to present a home that others can envision themselves in; bright, spacious, clean and move-in ready.  

Home Staging Free Estimate

Prepare your home for SALE or simply REFRESH IT! Ask anyone; it's the immediate sense when they walk in the door that they can see themselves living in your home. It matters that furniture is placed to create openness and flow, knick-knacks are at a minimum so surfaces are open, cabinets and closets (yes people open them for a look!) are neat and tidy. My service will do this for you and I'll get your home ready to SELL or give it a REFRESH! An estimate is provided after the initial, free on-site meeting. 

Life Styling Services Dallas/Forth Worth Texas 

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