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Sixty and then some...

I shared this to my Facebook page back in 2017 and now that I have created this blog I wanted to share it with all of you who stop by.

Feb 2017

I had an amazing day yesterday celebrating a dear friend’s birthday with facials, wine, and nibbles. We have known each other since we were in our late 30s, first as colleagues which gratefully has grown into a lifelong friendship. We are both cut from the same cloth as we enjoy fashion, design, color, gardening etc. We encourage each other’s endeavors and she is a huge supporter of my stylist business.

Yesterday was full of lively conversation topics and of course, the subject of our ages came up. Don’t get me wrong we are very blessed in our lives and LOVE our ages, she is 63 and my upcoming 65. What we marveled at is the peace that comes with age and maturity in all things specifically this day our outward personal image. When you finally reach a point where you truly realize that the acceptance of your outward image is far more valuable to your well-being than seeking the acceptance of others. I consistently hear women groan about their this or that and why they can’t wear this or that…and goodness much of my time is spent sharing/teaching/convincing them of a different mindset.

How do I influence a woman that she must dress for herself, accept her body, enhance it and be comfortable in her own skin? How do I inspire a woman to believe in the reality that no one is judging her clothes, her hair, her weight? And especially for those lovelies who are single, no one is going to fall in love because of her hair or clothes. In all seriousness, unless you are a Kardashian the paparazzi are not following you around SO…it's time to chill, adorn and embrace who you are this moment? I LOVE clothes, all things hair, and makeup BUT I dress, blow-dry and apply for me…I feel pretty and it’s my pretty and no one else’s.

So here we are in our mid-60s, dressing for ourselves, living with gratitude AND exercising in the way we like; to feel good and be energized...‘cuz we have a lot to do in our every day LIVING LIFE!

What are you grateful for? How accepting are you of the beauty that is you?

And yes, we were twinning that day :)

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I'm thankful for the maturity that comes with more years. Many of those things that I was so worried and concerned about when I was younger I've realized with maturity, they weren't/aren't really that important. I'd rather spend what energy I have left on relationships and self-care. If I could tell my younger self anything, it would be "Don't worry about everything so much; things always manage to work themselves out, with or without you. You have only so much control over people, your job, and situations in general. You can only control how you enjoy and react to life. Just be thankful every day for your blessings."

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