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Friday Find ✔

LINK: Sherwin Williams 2021 Color Trends

Color is in everything we choose for our personal style in clothes, makeup hair etc.

How does our style translate to our home in the colors of our walls and soft goods?

I see my color aesthetics in my wardrobe and home are the's not my chance we surround ourselves with colors that speak to us right?

Here is what the color gurus see for 2021 in our homes, and they are a few that are similar to what's on my wardrobe horizon for a fresh new piece or two. I'll show you that soon.

My selected colors to paint my living area and a furniture piece are in these new colors, finally, the search is complete 😊 (see comments for choices)

What colors do you see that resonate with your environment? If you were refreshing your walls what color would you select?

Have a terrific day 🌞

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