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4 degrees of face!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

What I've learned...yes less is more!

Even though I wear less makeup at 66 than 36 the prep takes longer for good reason. I am so obsessed with hydration at this age and like an artist I prep...cleanse, layer, allow to soak, light hand with color.

Since going natural silver 18 months ago I've tweaked my makeup to play off the cool tones. Prior I was a warm brown with golden highlights to ward off the "white stripe" of gray roots that plagues most women over 50 (and those few of you younger). Mother

NATURE was not messing around around when those babies start to pop out. And please don't ever calculate how much you've spent on coloring those gets ugly. Where was I...yes this is about putting on a face for the day.

Here is my formula:

Hydrate, color correcting SPF 50, cream blush, eyebrows, and lippies...go!

I see many of us going "natural" with our hair color but not changing up our makeup. What we wore then will not look as fabulous on us now. So here are my 'thoughts:

- Serum, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen...pause.

- Foundation? If you must...stick, stipple brush, apply around nose, chin where you are red. Otherwise a great color correcting SPF 50 or tinted moisturizer is so becoming.

- Blush...cream only!

- Eyebrows, this is where it gets tough. Mine used to be so thick I had to have them waxes, trimmed and thinned. Now...sparse and missing. So light touch, lighter than you used to wear and just fill in the sparse spaces.

- Eyeshadow I am on team cream 100% pick a brand, pick a neutral and call it a day. Evening, add a slightly darker shade to corners. Done!

- Under eye concealer light, apply with ring finger tap.. DON'T try to cover your dark circles they won't go anywhere and caking it in makes them look worse. Besides...your eyes are your light, no one is judging them.

- Mascara and a tight liner and done! Tight liner you ask? Of course because that black pencil you've always worn and put on both top and bottom lid makes the eyes look smaller and we are aiming for open eyes right?

- Sure but your red. Go play with color and have fun. For everyday find a nice rose/mauve color that you can put on in your lining, no effort just a great go to easy to wear color. I tend to stay away from too mat or too creamy; either one has it's good and bad. A hydrated almost mat with plumping ingredients is a must. Silver cool tones wear a different red then blonde warm gray. And stay in your lines.

There...5 minutes and you're gorgeous !!

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