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2023 Color of the Year!

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and looked in the mirror and thought MEH, it doesn't do much for me? Or do you have that one piece that when you put it on you instantly see yourself as beautiful and you walk with just a little more swagger than normal?

Color does do that for us, it is amazing the change it gives us in the eyes we see ourselves; beautiful and confident. This color is bold, beautiful and you will love yourself in it say all the color masters. It reminds me of a glass of perfect red wine, a soft bold lively red. Here is the Time article:

You will see it all over the clothing, make up and design industries as we collectively begin to spread our wings this spring.

My firsts will be a lipstick and nail polish as I wait for clothing to attract me in this color. How about you?

Be beautful lovely!

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