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My Journey

I understand the challenges to getting it all done; look effortlessly put together, have an organized home and office while taking care of my family, attention to my career and the rest of my life. If you struggle with deciding where to begin, how far to go, and prioritization, I can help sort it out.

I have recently had the honor to share my story with Shoutout DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) a terrific community publication. Here is the link:

* For over ten years I have provided personal shopping and styling services for women. As their personal stylist, and closet, home, and office organizer I provide the results women are looking for.


* In 2013 I studied in NYC with Stacy London's (What Not to Wear) Stylist Training Workshop. 

* Knowing we ALL would LOVE fun, informative, and personalized results in shopping for our wardrobe choices in 2013 I partnered with CABI, the largest brand in MODERN women's fashion to expand my services with one-stop personal shopping and styling offered in private homes, offices and via virtual tools. 


What can I help you with today? Tomorrow? Next month? Let's work on your plan...

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